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Play4Real's Easy Ways to Improve

Your Presentations and Conversations at Work

Watch Your Feet!

Dare to... Pause

Play4Real: hands-on and playful training!
Play4Real: hands-on, playful training!

Welcome to PLAY4REAL -
a training consultancy
that believes fun is a serious business.

We help all sorts of people
in all sorts of businesses
to get better at interacting with
their colleagues, teams and clients -
in all sorts of ways.

Play4Real: for hands-on and playful training!
Play4Real: for hands-on, playful training!
Play4Real Business or Pleasure cartoon

Humanity has advanced, when it has advanced, not because it has been sober, responsible, and cautious,

but because it has been playful, rebellious, and immature.

Tom Robbins

Play is the means by which human beings explore behaviours and bring a ‘what if…?’ story to life.

Play4Real training: unique as a handprint

Fun goes way beyond frivolity for its own sake.

Fun is a serious business, because it enables structure and discipline

to work hand-in-hand with inspiration and intuition.

Fun makes learning memorable – and motivates people to apply new skills and insights in ways that make a real difference.

Play4Real handprint making its mark
Play4Real handprint makes its mark
Play4Real training comes in handy!
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What if…

I could give my presentations real impact?

What if…

I could make a better impression on others?

What if…

I could speak more confidently?

Play4Real No More Dull Presentations cartoon
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Play4Real Meetings Behaviours cartoon
Play4Real High Five
Play4Real gives you a hand
Play4Real hand

What if…

we could see what makes or breaks good working relationships?

What if…

we could give each other positive feedback that’s really useful?

What if…

we could play back conversations going wrong – to get them right?

Here's how we can help...

Play4Real helps people in all walks of working life to play around with answers – and turn them into practical tools.


We give you the means to find out how to play to your potential, bringing three key things to every business interaction:

As you apply those for real in your day-to-day working life, you become:






Click on a subject to learn more...




  • more conscious

  • more confident

  • more creative

  • more communicative

Play4Real at your Right Hand
Play4Real Imprints Training
Play4Real Imprint Logo
Play4Real Imprint
Play4Real: Safe Hands

you have fun!

…and even more importantly,

Play4Real: you're in Safe Hands
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