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Fun with Serious Business

How to Fulfil Tight and Demanding Briefs

101 Ways to Make Ballsups in Business


Here is a series of absolutely indispensable e-tips for any

businessperson about stuff that lots of people are…

well, complete pants at (not you, of course).

Learn how NOT to:

  • Deliver Presentations

  • Present with Impact

  • Participate with Confidence in Meetings

  • Run Effective Meetings

  • Schmooze at Business Networking Events

This E-book really allows you to indulge in feeling smug. After all,

these handy hints are so obvious that it would be unthinkable

for you to be making such silly mistakes… wouldn’t it?


So just have a read for the fun of it – and to enjoy some hilarious

cartoons by Alexander Matthews.


Of course, you might find it an amusing diversion to have a little

think about which of the tips could conceivably relate to you.

And even to muse upon the possibility of improving just one

tiny thing about the way you present, or run meetings, or negotiate, or network – by NOT following the advice

in these pages. Worth a quick glance, perhaps – even if you know for sure that you’re already pretty much perfect at this kind of thing.

Just to reassure yourself that you can be absolutely positively certain that you’re truly not guilty of a word of it…


Available at all major ebook retailers, including:

Smile.Amazon Kindle Store (a contribution will go to Hearing Dogs for the Deaf)

Kobo Books

Barnes & Noble Nook Books

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